Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con is This Weekend!

The headline says it all! I’ll be at MCFC this weekend. Hopefully, books will be sold. Appearances will be made in panels. Hopefully, I will not fanboy too much around John de Lancie! He’s fucking Q after all! Come out and join us in the fun. 🙂 — JJH

J. Jeremy Hicks -- Author

And yours truly will be there. Come find me at the Dark Oak Press table to purchase your signed copies of Finders Keepers and Sands of Sorrow. I’ll be selling both Cycle of Ages Saga novels at a steep convention discount. If I’m not there, I’m likely in a panel. Check the website HERE for more information on panels, guests, vendors, and more.


As part of a special promotion for Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, I’ve listed my latest Kindle release, a short story entitled “The Devil & Klaus Kristiansen”, for FREE from Thursday, November 19th to Monday, November 23rd. You can download it from Amazon by clicking HERE.


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From the Slushpile: Some Kind of Way Out of Here (Part Four)

Final part is now ready to ready.

J. Jeremy Hicks -- Author

And now for the punchline…

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### Part Four ###

The sergeant had admitted to being a member of a tribe that had worshipped at this site in antiquity. Had they sought to placate this alien god with sacrifices? If so, had he brought us here to feed the beast, this alabaster being smiling down at us?

“Those are serious charges,” Minh said as he stepped between me and Thanh. “You better have evidence to back up these wild allegations, Corporal. Otherwise, you’ll face a court-martial.”

Taking several breaths to center myself, I steadied my voice before responding. Lien urged me to tell him everything, but relying on the word of a dead woman would make me look unhinged. Of course, I was relying on the word of one, so there might have been some truth to that characterization.

“His hat is foreign. It depicts an American sports team, I think.”

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From the Slushpile: Some Kind of Way Out of Here (Part Two)

Part Two of “Some Kind of Way Out of Here” is live, just in time for Veteran’s Day. Check it out now! Read. Share. And Part Three will be available tomorrow.

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J. Jeremy Hicks -- Author

Happy Veteran’s Day. Thanks to all those who have served, in whatever capacity, at home or abroad.

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On with the next installment…

### Part Two ###

When my beloved came to me, she appeared as she had in the days of our happier youth, before this latest Vietnam War. She beckoned me, curling one finger like she had the first time she urged me to slip from my home to accompany her on a nocturnal adventure. We had enjoyed many such rendezvous over the years. Our latest had proven to be our last, outside of the realm of dreams anyway.

Hot tears rolled down my cheeks. There had been no time to mourn her earlier. Now, I could not help myself. I bawled like a babe in its mother’s arms. I ached to rest my head on her chest and let her heartbeat lull me to blissful sleep.

Wordlessly, Lien…

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From the Slushpile: Some Kind of Way Out of Here (Part One)

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Jeremy Hicks is posting a war story from the slushpile. “Some Kind of Way Out of Here” is a Lovecraftian horror story set in the midst of the Tet Offensive of 1968. It takes a real life incident and speculates on how it would have played out if the Cthulhu Mythos was real. Stay tuned the week of Veteran’s Day for the rest of it.

J. Jeremy Hicks -- Author

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I’m posting a war story from the slushpile. I wrote this story specifically for Chaosium’s “Summer of Lovecraft” anthology, but due to technical circumstances beyond the editor’s control, it was never read. By the time I realized it was buried in their spam folder, the stories for the anthology had already been selected. I submitted it a few other places, but it has never found a home. So, I’ll publish it in installments here during the week of Veteran’s Day to remind us that war is hell and that there are veterans on all sides of a conflict.

I thank them all for their service, for they were mostly poor, unfortunate souls fighting in rich men’s wars. And in Vietnam, it was definitely a politician’s war with brave men and women on both sides caught in the madness of the Cold War era. During my research…

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From the Slushpile: The Devil & Klaus Kristiansen (Final Installment)

The final installment of The Devil & Klaus Kristiansen is now live on my blog. Hope you’re ready for it.

J. Jeremy Hicks -- Author

### m/ ###

In the end, we dragged the dead into Luke’s tent and then burned them along with the pine forest. If we were fortunate, fire would cleanse the bodies and the crime scene. The lazy local police would write it up as a tragic accident: two druggies passed out, and their untended campfire burned them and the woods to ash. Case closed.

Klaus, Turtle, and I made a pact that night, one sealed with the blood of our friend. We resolved to never talk about it to anyone, even each other. It started as a dream, a nightmare to be honest, and it would end that way. We lived in the waking world after all and things like that didn’t happen here. Denial became our creed, our code.

For a time, it worked. As the years passed, we drifted apart. And like all college friends, we went our…

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