From the Slushpile: Some Kind of Way Out of Here (Part Two)

Part Two of “Some Kind of Way Out of Here” is live, just in time for Veteran’s Day. Check it out now! Read. Share. And Part Three will be available tomorrow.

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J. Jeremy Hicks -- Author

Happy Veteran’s Day. Thanks to all those who have served, in whatever capacity, at home or abroad.

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On with the next installment…

### Part Two ###

When my beloved came to me, she appeared as she had in the days of our happier youth, before this latest Vietnam War. She beckoned me, curling one finger like she had the first time she urged me to slip from my home to accompany her on a nocturnal adventure. We had enjoyed many such rendezvous over the years. Our latest had proven to be our last, outside of the realm of dreams anyway.

Hot tears rolled down my cheeks. There had been no time to mourn her earlier. Now, I could not help myself. I bawled like a babe in its mother’s arms. I ached to rest my head on her chest and let her heartbeat lull me to blissful sleep.

Wordlessly, Lien…

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